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Service 24/7

Service 24/7 - Log In Now

Jack Rice Insurance brings the power of the internet
to your company with Service 24/7.

What You Can Expect From Service 24/7:

Account Information

Once logged in an insured can review their commercial account.

  • General Information

  • Business Information Insured Contacts

  • Request Changes


Service 24/7 allows the user to review Certificates created by Jack Rice Insurance.

  • The Certificate form will display both liability and property Certificates. This allows the insured to review all the policy information, coverage information, descriptions and holder information. Certificates can then be emailed, faxed, or printed directly from Service 24/7. Best of all, there is no additional charge for Service 24/7!

  • The insured can add a new holder to an existing certificate.

  • Certificates can be viewed without holders, with specific holders, with disclaimers or supplemental pages.

To Sign up for Service 24/7 today, contact Customer Service.

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